Friday Freebie’s #21 Minions


Banana ?! Anyone ?!

We all love minions, overall the internet there are thousands of craft and knitting and crochet projects about those cute little yellow and purple creatures!

Here are 10 free minion crochet patterns to show off your minion love!

Click on the name of the pattern to get linked to it.




1. Lil´ Agnes by Rachel Hoe

This patterns only includes Agnes, not the minion! Nontheless, Agnes is so cute!




2. Evil Minion Inspired Phone Case by Olivia Kent






3. Minion Phone Case by Olivia Kent

And here is the yellow minion version :)





4. Minion by Stefanie Prautzsch

This minion is about 6,5 cm tall, small enough to use it as a keychain!






5. Ice Pop Koozie by Tanya Bernard

The best way to keep your little one’s hands warm this summer. Perfect for frozen ice pops and yogurt tubes.




6. Crochet Minion Hat by Monica Chavez

Make you kids happy with this minion hat!





7. Purple Minion by Ami Angela

My favorite pattern! I love those purple grumpy minions!






8. Minion Mitts Fingerless Gloves by Megan Dunham

The pattern is for adult size only! But if you have experience with crocheting fingerless mitts, it is easily adjustable to kids size!




9. Minion Beanie by Rachel Hoe

This pattern is for adult size only! But like for nr. 8, you can adjust it to smaller sizes as well.






10. Despicable Minion by Linda Potts

Cute stuffed minion toy!



I love these cute creatures! I hope you liked this pattern roundup as much as me :)

Share it with your friends, if you love minions!


Have a great weekend and enjoy a banana ;-P










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