Crochetier is Complete !

Good morning!

Last week my husbands colleague Theresa was working very hard to design a logo for

I wanted it to contain some kind of Tierchen and some colour and of course yarn and hook. Theresa did a perfect job and draw the cutest Tierchen ever for my logo. Thank you so much!

It took a while to decide, which one to use, especially which font, but here it is :



I love it !

I hope you guys like it too :)



And of course, she also created a copyright picture, so now I have a copyright protection logo for my own designs.

So now it is: all the pictures off the blog, put a Tierchen on them and upload them again to the blog WAAAAAAHHHH I guess this will take some days LOL





Did I say I love the logo already ? :)

All information about my husbands agency can be found here!





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