Organize Your Yarn Stash – Tips and Ideas



When you are a crafter, crocheter ot knitter you fall in love with yarn easily – but keeping all those yarn balls organized can be a challenge!

My yarn stash is terrible – I don’t have much space, I don’t have much containers, I love organizing but with my yarn stash I just can’t!

So I figured it would be nice to look out for some tips on how to organize your yarn stash.


Here are 5 tips on how to organize your yarn :

1. Colour

If the colour is the first thing to attract you in a yarn shop, you may like to organize your yarn by colours.

2. Fiber

Keep yarn of the same fiber together, e. g.: cotton to cotton, merino to merino. This way it is easy to find the right fiber for your future projects.

3. Weight

Sort your yarn by weight – when you find a pattern you would like to work on, it is easier to see if you have what you need for this pattern.

4. Projects

Especially if you are working on different projects at one time, it is useful to keep your projects tight!Keep your actual projects separate from your yarn stash. Store your actual work together with the hook you need for it and the printed pattern in an extra container.

5. Yarn Leftovers

Do not get rid of yarn scraps! They can still be so useful – for embroidery or even to stuff small toys or appliques!


Here are 6 ideas how to store your yarn:

1.Plastic bags

Like shopping bags or ziploc bags are an easy and cheap way to organize your yarn.

2. Plastic boxes with lids

They are cheap, inexpensive, stackable and available in different sizes – also, a lot of them are transparaent, so you can still enjoy the look at your yarns :)

Even old suitcases can be a yarn storage :)

stash6  stash10

3. Open boxes

I do use open baskets to stash my yarn. It gives you quick and easy access to your yarn or actual projects. On the other hand, it does not keep you yarn safe from dust or your kids or pet !



4. Closet or home organizers

There are many different organizers you can buy in DIY shops or furniture shops, such as shoe racks, wine racks or hanging storage items ( like the ones you use to store your kids toys).

stash7         stash8

5. Shelves

Shelves and bookcases are a very popular way to store and display your yarn.

stash3  stash1 stash

6. Cupboards

Storing your yarn in a cupboard, makes it easily accessible and keeps it safe from dust, insects, kids and pets.



You see, there are a lot of ways to organize and a lot of containers to stash your yarn in!

I feel inspired to go and clean up my yarn stash right now :)


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I hope you enjoyed this little field trip into the world of yarn storage!

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Thank you for reading as always!


Happy organizing



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