Friday Freebie’s #23 Dr. Who Special


If you have ever seen the seasons of the british tv series “Dr. Who” you already know why I am doing this Dr. Who Special here! Thousands of fans all over the world love “Dr. Who” – and so do I :) especially the 10th Doctor (David Tennant)!

Because I love this tv series so much here are 11 crochet patterns around “Dr. Who” – most of them are free but two are paid ones (Nr. 1 and Nr. 10). I know, I know it’s Friday Freebie’s not Friday Payday ;P but those patterns are just such a great tribute to “Dr. Who”, I couldn’t leave them out!

Simply click on the name of the pattern to get linked to it!


drwhoset1. Dr. Who Complete Set of Doctors and TARDIS by Allison Hoffman

This pattern is available for $40 USD. I know that sounds expensive, but it includes all 11 doctors, a TARDIS, where the figures fit in!




adipose - Kopie2. Adipose Pattern by Katherine Gordon

Free crochet pattern for the cutest of the Dr. Who villains :)





Hallow-Ood_small2 - Kopie3. Ood Ski Mask Crochet Pattern by Lilana Dohnert

This one is a free ravelry download! Awesome!





ood - Kopie4. Ood Amigurumi by Megan DeLancey

This is so cute! And its a free pattern.





dalek - Kopie5. Dalek Amigurumi by Lucy Ravenscar

Exterminate! Exterminate!! EXTERMINATE HIM!

Free ravelry download!




tenthdrwho6. Tenth Dr. Who Doll by Tracy J

Free crochet pattern for the best Doctor ever :)





martianboy - Kopie7. Martian Boy Pattern by Kati Galusz

It’s amazing how much this doll looks like Mr. Tennant! Love the hair :)

And it is a free ravelry download!




tardisscarf8. Night Sky TARDIS Scarf by Gamer Girl Universe

You will never forget where your TARDIS is with this free crochet pattern ;)





tardisbag9. Dr. Who Crochet Bag by April Draven

Show that you are a huge fan with this crochet bag! It is a free pattern.





dalekgloves4_small2 - Kopie10. Dalek inspired fingerless gloves by Sarah Hoyte

What a great idea! This pattern is available for $5 USD.





dalek2 - Kopie11. Dalek pattern by A. M. Downs

This pattern is also a free one, it is listed in an etsy shop. Don’t click “BUY”, just scroll the page down, there is the pattern!




I hope you like this pattern round up! My favorite pattern this week is the very first one – if it wasn’t so expensive I definitely would make all those Doctors :)

I am wishing you a wonderful weekend and leave you with one of my favorite Dr. Who quotes:
“Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend it’s a plan!” – Best advice ever LOL


Happy travelling





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