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Rainbow applique

Here’s my first free pattern for you:







A lovely and very easy to do rainbow applique :)

You will find an english and a german version of the pattern below.



General Information

Yarn: any yarn you want, I used Nizza (Steinbach Wolle), 100% cotton, 50g, 150m.

Hook size: suitable hook for the yarn you are using. I used a 3,5 mm hook.

Note: You will use each colour of the rainbow for two rows (see row 3 and 4 below). I used 6 different colours, which makes 12 rows in total (without the chains!)

How to crochet a simple rainbow applique:

  1. Chain (ch) 16, turn (colour a)
  2. 15 single crochets (sc), ch 1 , turn (colour a)
  3. 1 sc in each sc of the previous row, increase every 5th sc (make 2 sc in one sc of the pervious round), ch1, turn (colour a)
  4. one sc in each sc of the previous row (colour b)
  5. repeat row 3 (colour b)
  6. repeat row 4 (colour c)
  7. repeat row 3 (colour c)
  8. repeat row 4 and 3 as often as you want using different colours.
  9. fasten off, weave in the ends


Deutsche Anleitung:

  1. 16 Luftmaschen (LM), wenden (Farbe a)
  2. 15 feste Maschen (FM), 1 WendeLM, wenden(Farbe a)
  3. 1 FM in jede FM der Vorrunde, dabei jede 5. FM verdoppeln (je 2 FM in eine FM der Vorrunde), 1 WendeLM, wenden (Farbe b)
  4. 1 FM in jede FM der Vorrunde (Farbe b)
  5. Reihe 3 wiederholen (Farbe c)
  6. Reihe 4 wiederholen(Farbe c)
  7. Reihe 3 wiederholen
  8. Reihen 4 und 3 abwechselnd wiederholen, so oft, bis die gewünschte Größe erreicht ist.
  9. Arbeit beenden, Fäden vernnähen.


I hope you like this pattern :) if you have any question, comment below.

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