Simple Striped Bag

Boybag1 (1)

Yarn: Nizza Steinbach Wolle, 100 % Cotton,  one skein of each colour (you won’t need the whole skein for the bag).

Hook: 3mm

Stitches used: chain (ch), single crochet (sc), half double crochet (hdc)

Specials: back loop only (BLO) – crochet stitch into back loop of previous round stitch only.

                   crochet 2 stitches together (2 tog).

Supplies: sewing thread, button of choice.

General information: Read before you start!!!!

This bag is crocheted in rows, don’t forget the turning chains at the beginning of each round! You will use 3 colours (or more). First decide, in which colour you want to crochet the bottom part and the strap. This will be colour A (CA).
One stripe is made of 3 rows (30 hdc each row) in colour B (CB) or colour C (CC).

I used dark brown as CA, beige as CB and blue as CC.

The bag is crocheted as a long wide stripe at first. The you will make the strap ( long enough to close the side parts of the bag and long enough to wear it!) and sew the strap into the side parts of the bag.

And here you go:

1. ch 31 in CA

2. 30 sc in CA

3. – 21.  ch2, 30 hdc (make  3 stripes in CB and 3 stripes in CC)

22. – 25.  BOTTOM PART in CA

        ch2, 30 HDC in BLO

        3 rows : ch 2, 30 hdc through both loops of stitches of previous row.

26. ch 2, 30 hdc BLO in CC

27. – 28. ch 2, 30 hdc in CC

29. – 44. ch 2, 30 hdc in CB ( 3 stripes in CB and 3 stripes in CC)

45 – 49. COVER all in CA

             45. – 48. ch 2, 30 hdc

             49.  ch2, 2×2 hdc tog, 22 hdc, 2×2 tog (26)

             50. 2×2 tog, 20 hdc, 2×2 tog (24)

             51. 2×2 tog, 16 hdc, 2×2 tog (20)

             52. 2×2 tog, 12 hdc, 2×2 tog (16)

              53. 2 tog over all stitches of previous round (8 hdc)

54. BORDER of Cover in CB

Start at row 3 of Cover, loop in yarn. Crochet sc around the cover, make 2 sc in the corner stitches (first and last stitch of the last row). At the last row: skip 3 stitches and ch3 for the bottun hole, then crochet sc in each stitch around. Fasten off. weave in the ends.

1. ch 7, 6 sc

2. ch 2, 6 hdc

Continue working row 2 , until the strap in long enough to cover the sides of the bag and to wear the bag. I made 100 rows.

Then sew the strape onto the bottom stripe of the bag (rows 22. – 25.): Fold the bag at the bottom part and sew the strap to the bottom part and the side parts of the bag.

Sew the button to the front of the bag.

Finished :)


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