Friday Freebie’s # 25 Keychains


With these 14 free patterns you will never have to search for your keys again!

This weeks Friday Freebie’s contain 13 free crochet patterns and (because it was just tooo cute and can easily be done with a crochet hook as well) one free knit pattern for a keychain.

Simply click on the name to get linked to the free pattern!



1. Backpack Buddies by Lori Zeller

3 cute and free crochet patterns! Ideal for your keychain or as accesoires for your backpack!





2. Kawaii Amigurumi Cupcake Keychain by Nerdigurumi

Isn’t that one cute ?!





3. Tiny Domo-Kun Mobile Phone Hanger by Crafty Queens

This little creepy cutie adds some attitude to your keys :)





4. Dreamland Dangle by Inkie Goijer

This pattern is available in english and dutch! Those little guys are so cute, not only as a keychain, they would also make a great gift for babies in a mobile.




5. Chapstick Lip Balm Holder by Kristy Ashmore

Two in one : Have your lip balm quickly at hands and your keys as well! I love this idea!





6. Happy Frog by Mindnsoul

Cute idea for a keychain or for a mobile or just as a plushie!





7. Lovey Labels by Jose Bianca

This one is a dutch pattern but can be translated with google, the pattern seems to be very easy to adapt it to a crochet pattern. It is a cute idea for your keys, especially if you have keys from family members, you can easily label them! Also these are great labels for gifts.




8. Teddybear Keychain by Denise Mazzini






9. House Keychain by Aan de Haak

Another dutch pattern BUT it includes a detailed crochet chart picture!





10. Penguin by Annekids

Don’t be scared, it is another dutch blog, but if you click on the tag pinguin (it is highlighted in the text under the pictures) the pattern will be downloaded instantly in ENGLISH!




11. Potato Inu by Mya Rukawa

Potato shaped dogs – how cute are they ?!





12. Amigurumi Squirrel Keychain by The Sun and The Turtle

It is cute, it is weird, let’s say it is special but you have to love it :)





13. Mini Key Ring Purse by Kathy Sasser

This one is the knitting pattern. Those little bags are so cute and beautiful. If you do not knit, I am sure that it won’t be too hard to adjust this one to a crochet pattern.



I hope you liked this pattern round up! There are a lot of cute patterns to add some personage to your keys.


Thank you all for reading and sharing, especially because last week I wasn’t able to put Friday Freebie’s up to the blog! I am sorry for the inconvenience, but I wasn’t possible to work on the blog at all.

Anyhow, I am glad to be back :)


Enjoy your weekend






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