Friday Freebie’s #5 Vintage Crochet



Hello everybody,

this week Friday Freebie’s are dedicated to vintage crochet patterns. There are so many designs out there, it was really hard to choose – but here are 8 wonderful vintage or vintage inspired crochet patterns. Enjoy!




1. Black velvet collar on

One classic design, isn’t it ?









2. Butterfly Hat and Gloves on


She’s a real lady, right?







3. Magnolia vintage capelet by Kathy North

An old fashioned design – but still beautiful today!







4. Crocheted Jacket on

One timeless design.

With a multicoloured yarn it might look like a classic Chanel Jacket :)








5. Perky Snood by Alice Carroll

Great for all fans of Rockabilly! 1950’s here I come !










6. Lacy torso blouse on

This one reminds me of the Persil commercials in the 1920’s – I love them !








7. Bandeau Hat on


This one is my personal favorite! I’d love to wear one of these, it’s so classy, I’d feel like Audrey Hepburn wearing this :)







8. Peachtree Street Shawl on

Another Persil commercial photograph :) This shawl is perfect for the cold evenings in late Spring and early Summer.






So, as you can see, most of the patterns can be found on – all fans of vintage styles should check this page out. There are countless designs and all are free.


Enjoy your weekend!

Happy yarning


(Copyrights of the pictures and patterns posted here are up to the designers only.)




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