How to hold hook and yarn

Before you start to crochet, you need to know what supplies you need:

  • Crochet hook
  • Yarn
  • Scissor
  • tapestry needle
  • measuring tape
  • some time to get used to the materials and to learn the basic stitches

There are many different yarn types and crochet hooks out there, so this can be quite confusing when you are new to crochet.

Details about different yarn weigths and hooks can be found here.

To start  I would recommend  you  to use a smooth yarn, not too thin (so you wont get finger cramps) and a suitable crochet hook, e.g.: worst weighted yarn (medium) and a  4mm hook.

Also its helpful  to have a scissor at hands, so you can end your work, and a tapestry needle to weave in the ends.

A measuring tape is a basic tool you need for working on hats or clothes.


When you want to start crocheting, you need to learn how to hold the hook and how to hold the yarn/thread.

So here we go :)

1) How to hold the hook ? / Handhaltung beim Häkeln

Basically there are two ways to hold the hook:



the knife grip (you hold the hook like a dinner knife)

Messergriff, Hand liegt oben am Griff







the pencil grip (you hold the hook like a pencil or a pen).

Schreibhaltung, Häkelnadel liegt in der Hand wie ein Stift.



Both ways give you some good control over your work. I personally prefer to use the knife grip. Try both and decide with which one you feel more comfortable.

2) How to hold the yarn ? Wie halte ich den Faden ?


Take the lose end of your yarn and  start wraping it around your fingers like this: between the little finger and the ring finger , then back to the inside of your hand  between your ring finger and middle finger, then  to the back of your hand between the middle finger and the forefinger.

Nimm das lose Ende des Fadens und führe ihn wie folgt um die Finger: zwischen kleinem und Ringfinger nach hinten, von dort nach vorne um den Mittelfinger und wieder nach hinten um den Zeigefinger.




Now wrap it around your forefinger.

Wickle den Faden einmal um den Zeigefinger.





Wrap the thread around your thumb and hold the end of the thread with the rest of your fingers.

Wickle den Faden einmal um den Daumen und halte das Fadenende mit den restlichen Fingern fest.





Insert the hook into the loop around your thumb.


Führe die Häkelnadel in die Schlinge um deinem Daumen.




Handhaltung 65.


Yarn over and

Mache einen Umschlag und




Handhaltung 86.


pull a loop through the ring.

 ziehe eine Schlaufe durch den Ring um deinem Daumen.





Now get your thumb slowly out of the loop and pull the thread so the ring closes onto the hook and you are ready to start.

Nun vorsichtig den Daumen aus der Schlinge ziehen und am Fadenende anziehen, bis sich die gebildete Schluafe um die Häkelnadel zusammenzieht. Nun kannst du loslegen.



Learn how to make the basic stitches in my other phototutorials!


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