Ready for the weekend ?

It’s only tuesday but I’m ready for the weekend to come!

On friday the third round of Friday Freebie’s (I can’t believe it’s my third week as a blogger, phew), a free pattern round up about a specific theme, will be available.

As requested by a very close friend I chose a theme that you will surely love :) simply because I know we ALL do.

Curious ?

Can’t wait for Friday ?

Here is a hint for this weeks theme:

“Wise Mister X,
Keen as he can be,
Quietly watches
From up in his tree.
Suddenly he spies
A fine tasty treat,
Far off in a field,
Ah, something to eat!”

Do you know what it’s about ?

Share this with your friends, so all of them can solve the riddle and enjoy the anticipation!

I’m wishing you a wonderful weekend



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