Meet the robots !

Good morning!

It’s been a while since I posted the last free crochet pattern here.

BUT today is the day – Meet the robots!


Your boys will love those cute appliques! Wheater it is for t-shirts or even to cover wholes on jeans :)

They are very easy and quick to do, only basic stitches are used! Using different colours and embroidery enables umpteen different designs!

Find the pattern for the robot and his little helper in english and german here!


Other than that, I’m currently working on a carpet for my little one. I want it to be very thick, so I decided to use some old sheets and cut them into t-shirt yarn! Therefore I used a t-hirt yarn making tutorial – which you can find here.


I decided not to use a scissor to cut the sheets into straps – because it would take me ages to do so!

I used a rotary cutter, and it worked great! But be aware, they are REALLY sharp :P the carton I used as a pad has been cut to death lol

But finally I got my first sheet finished:


I can’t wait to start the carpet ! I will post the pattern and all details when it is finished!


Have a great week and enjoy the new free pattern!

Thank you for reading



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