5 Months and so much Fun

happy5monthdayDuring working on Friday Freebie’s #21, I just realized this means that Crochetier exists 5 months now – and OMG what happend in that time!

I had so much fun with all of you!

I love sharing my projects with you, I love getting creative and working on new patterns.


Here are some statistics for the last 5 months:


PicMonkey Collage



1.There are  21 editions of Friday Freebies, each roundup worth 3 hours of work (at least), so 63 hours for all.








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2. I designed 18 free crochet patterns – each one available in english and german , which makes a total of 36 patterns! Which makes 1,7 patterns a week :) not bad at all :-P






3. The highest number of clicks were 704 clicks on 4.6.2014 and 669 clicks on 8.6.2014.





4. I was featured on   Hookin’ on Hump day #72 with my butterfly applique pattern. I attended for Hookin’ on Hump day for three times and been featured once. The flittering butterfly pattern was the third most clicked pattern in this round of HOHD.





6.  541 photographs have been uploaded to my blog so far.




7. All patterns on Ravelry have been favorited a total of 576 times.






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8. The most liked pattern on ravelry are the butterflies and the omnom apple cozy.






9. Most projects from one of my pattern on ravelry are from the omnom apple cozy – and boy, are they cute ?!







10. The most viewed pattern on the yarn box is twinkle twinkle little star with 892 views.





11. The most viewed site on the blog is “Free patterns”.

12. The top referrer for readers to my blog are Ravelry and Facebook.

13. This blog has 32,4% returning visitors.



14. Most visitors come from these countries:

3359 visits from the United States and 874 visits from germany

Other visitors come from: Africa, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, Cuba, France, Great Britain, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand and Ukraine.






15. In the last 90 days Crochetier had 6777 visits and 12046 page views.






16. My Facebook fan page has 239 likes, the highest post range so far was 668 reached readers.


I am so amazed by all what happened in the last 5 months! These are all just numbers, but what really counts is YOU!

Thank you all for visiting, reading, listening and crocheting!

I can’t wait to see what the next 5 months will bring :)








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