Friday Freebie’s # 17 Let’s Play !

I love( board) games – and so do my husband and my daughter. They brighten up a rainy indoor day and keep you busy and distracted during a long journey (well as long as you are not the driver, of course :P ).

Here are 10 free crochet games patterns for players all ages:



Simply click on the name of the pattern to get linked to it!

Here we go:

chessboard_small2 1. Chessboard by Sarah Nicole

This 4.5′ x 4.5′ afghan is made up of 8 strips of 8 squares each using the jaquard (tapestry) technique. A beautiful masterpiece – Not suggested for absolute beginners!





2. Two In One Game by Rosanne Kropp

Road trips will be twice the fun with this cute-as-a-bug game tote that features checkers on one side and tic-tac-toe on the other. It’s easy to carry along, and all the pieces store inside!




3. Matching Game for Babies by Elizabeth Mareno

Isn’t that cute? . Each space has a shape for baby to match pieces with. Extra pieces are held in a “goody” bag. Pull the pieces out of the bag and help baby match them up. You can work on colors, and recognizing simple shapes.



4. Crocheted Gaming Dice by June

Every one needs gaming dices!





5. Tic Tac Toe by Lion Brand





pigs6. Pigs Will Fly on Roman Sock

This cute game comes with an instruction and a basket to store it!




checkersboard7. Checkers Board Game by Red Heart

The board measures 22″ x 22″. A great pattern for the whole family!





8. Bowling Pin and Ball Set by Christina Williams

One classic game – for indoor or outdoor :)





9. Bunny Ring Toss Set by Donna Collinsworth

Great for the little ones and for adults as well!





10. Fishing Game by Alli

It’s fun to “fish” the fish, and it can be used to help teach colors and counting.  The storage bag flattens out into a play surface. My favorite this week!



And now, go, grab your hooks and enjoy those great patterns!

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Have a great weekend


(Copyrights of all pictures and patterns used here are up to the designers only.)




IkhvfAround here that means games, and that’s something it seems you can never have enough of, whether you’re inside during a blizzard or a heat wave, or just riding in the back seat of the car

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