Friday Freebie’s #20 – Crochet Bracelets


With a great piece of jewelery every outfit can be improved! Here are 12 free crochet bracelet patterns to finish your styling.

Simply click on the name of the pattern to get linked to it.



1. Bumps and Buttons Bracelet by Mette Scott

This bracelet can easily be made in any yarn weight. Read over the pattern and you’ll see that it is very straight forward and can easily be adjusted.





2. Crochet Ring Bracelet by Diane Gilleland

Stunning and beuatiful, also makes a great necklace!





3. Octopus Bracelet by Tanya Beliak

One classy bracelet!





4. Trek Bracelet by Susan Carlson

I love this one, it is so simply and beautiful.





5. Flower Bracelet by Kara Gunza

For all the little girls out there – and also for the big ones :)




P1040258_small6. Free Bracelet by Nicely Created For You

This is simple and easy to do, endless colour variations are possible.






7. Crochet Bracelet by Anchor

Here you got to scroll down a bit to find the PDF download for the pattern!

This pattern is a great alternative to the classy perl bracelet.



Wrenhandemade8. Wren Handmade Crocheted Bracelet

So cute!





9. Sweetheart Bracelet by Sara Freisberg

For all your sweethearts!





10. Easy Crochet Bow Bracelet by Annabelle Mitchell

If you’re looking for a simple project you can do in 30 minutes, this is it. These bracelets are very pretty and whip up quickly.




11. Charmed Wrap Bracelet by Deanna Young

Classic and beautiful, also looks great ony our ankle!





12. Broomstick Lace Bracelet by Vampireweasel

This tutorial is for lefthanded crocheters but inlcudes a link to download a tutorial for right handed crocheters as well. This is my favorite pattern from this roundup.



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Thanks for reading and as always

have a great weekend and happy yarning











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