Ravelry – Crochet community

Are you looking for free patterns? Are you looking for a special theme for your next projects?


There are a lot of blogs, sites and communities about crocheting in the world wide web. It’s sometimes hard to find free patterns about a special topic, but there is one community site I’d like to share with you, which makes it very easy to find what you’re looking for:



It’s a free community website about crocheting and knitting.The sign up is free and only takes a few minutes.

(Screenshot from www.ravelry.com)


There are tons of free patterns as well as paid patterns and ebooks to find here. You can search patterns with keywords and you can find almost anything there. You can keep notes about your project, save your favorite patterns, add your own patterns, get in touch with other crocheters, knitters and designers in the forums/groups. You can search for yarns as well as for designers.

The community hit 4,000,000 members lately. Its a great place for every crochet geek :)

You can also find me and my patterns on ravelry and add them to your favorites :)





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